Clay Pot Melody (RTRFM, Perth)

For the past two years I’ve been following the Burundi Band and Peace choir. I first heard their music from a sample CD released by the Denmark Festival of Voice, which was played on a community radio station here in Perth.

The band is made up of a group of families from Burundi. They are ethnic Twa people, who once inhabited the forests of Rwanda, The Congo, Burundi and Tanzania. After fleeing the civil war in Burundi during 1997, the family crossed the border into Tanzania where they lived in a refugee camp for more than 10 years. Inside the camp, they made instruments out of oil boxes and amplifiers out of clay pots, they performed to hundreds of people.

Ni La Zima – Burundi Band and Peace ChoirThe Clay Pot Melody radio documentary and short film are now in their final stages of production. The Burundi Band and Peace Choir will be performing an early morning set at Camp Doogs on Saturday October 8.

This is the first of several live tracks we recorded at an old house in Katanning called Kobeelya. Recording and Production by Michael Jelinek with video production help from Nick McKenzie, Steven Aaron Hughes and Alex Price

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Upon moving to Perth, the family moved to Katanning, a small regional town 3 hours southeast of Perth, Western Australia, close to the port town of Albany. Katanning has become a melting pot of different cultures, due to increasing humanitarian migration and opportunities for work at the WAAMCO abattoir.

Produced by Perth based radio producer, Coel Healy, Clay Pot Melody takes a look at some of the challenges refugees like The Burundi Band are facing in regional communities.

This piece was made for the CBAA’s National Features & Documentary Series 2016, a showcase of work by new and emerging Australian community radio producers, with training and mentoring provided by the Community and Media Training Organisation.

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Camp Doogs 2016 Branding and Launch


After just coming out of our last event (Fron Voyage) and drowning up to my ears in various projects, it’s crazy to think that the Camp Doogs train is back for 2016. We’ve spent the last month formulating our branding approach and have settled on a somewhat Twin Peaks inspired subversion of masculinity.

Yeah, it’s pretty out there, we’re using a military dog tag as our new logo alongside a series of provocative images that are reminiscent of a disco-loving homoerotic Man vs. Wild.

I don’t like to use terms like LGBTI-friendly etc. to describe the event, as they position those groups outside of the mainstream, but I think the branding really brings home our desire to make the festival as inclusive and representative as possible, which has been a major goal for us right from the beginning.

The 2016 branding has been put together by Loren Kronemyer (Concept / Artistic Direction), Ben Konto (Logo Design / Arrangement), Steve Hughes (Video) and myself (Web Development / Promotional strategy).

Camp Doogs 2016

A video posted by Camp Doogs (@campdoogs) on


A video posted by Camp Doogs (@campdoogs) on


Frón Voyáge

Frón Voyáge is a new event we trialled on April 8, with the hopes to create a brand new boutique experience for some of Camp Doogs’ most loyal fans. The two-day event featured the likes of Lower Plenty (VIC), Ela Stiles (NSW), Magic Touch (US) and a whole host of locals. The event differs to Camp Doogs by allowing ticketholders to camp next to their cars and experience music in a more intimate setting that feels more like a community camp than a festival.

Event Direction and Booking: Stephen Bellair
Project Management: Coel Healy, Stephen Bellair
Technical Production: Steven Aaron Hughes
Site Production and Design: Ben Konto
Visual Art Direction: Loren Kronemeyer
Activities Direction and MC: Matt Aitken
Bush Funnel Booking: Johanna Lettenmaier

Photos courtesy of Ashleigh Norman

img_6258 Fron Voyage img_6442 img_6459 img_6435 Fron Voyage Fron Voyage

Government of Bangka Island demands Ahmadiyah convert to Sunni Islam or be expelled: Human Rights Watch

Photo by Adek Berry/AFP
Photo by Adek Berry/AFP

Indonesia is often held up as a shining example of interfaith harmony and tolerance, but many religious groups continue to face persecution in the archipelago. One of the most persecuted groups are members of the Ahmadiyah community, a minority Islamic sect whose followers have faced intimidation and violence many times in the past.

The latest instance of persecution against the Ahmadiyah in Indonesia is taking place on Bangka Island. Members of the small Ahmadiyah community there have reportedly been targeted by the Bangka Regency Government, located off the east coast of Sumatra in Bangka-Belitung Islands province, and told to convert to Sunni Islam or be forced to leave the island.

Read the full article I wrote for Coconuts Jakarta.

Camp Doogs 2015 Wrap

Camp Doogs happened once again in October. This year we amped things up with a full site makeover and big lineup featuring the likes of Kirin J Callinan, No Zu, Noise in My Head, Sui Zhen, DJ Nozaki, Dead, Mutton and a whole host of locals including Catlips, Grace Barbe and many more. This year also featured a showcase from Melbourne label Bedroom Suck Records that included performances from Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, Superstar and Tim Richmond. Beyond just the music, we had a much bigger selection of Activities including clay pot making demonstrations, stick and poke tattoos and cheese tasting yoga. The festival was made to look amazing by the incredible visual art direction of Lauren Kronemyer and site design from Ben Kontoulas and Colleen Sutherland.

This year we were lucky enough to received grants from both the Department of Culture and The Arts as well as the South West Development Commission. Subsequently, Camp Doogs was once again was nominated for most popular event in the 2015 WA Music Awards and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak on a panel about the future of music festivals, as part of the WA Music Conference.

The Camp Doogs highlights video and upcoming live performance videos were produced and directed by Coel Healy with camera work from Dom Pierce, Aaron Mccann, Naveed Farro, Lewis Rodan and Fabian Rojas. Editing by Coel Healy and Steven Hughes.




Modern Living and WA Music Conference


Today I can announce I will be a speaker at the WA Music Conference. As a co-founder of the Camp Doogs music event, I will be giving my insights into the changing nature of music festivals. I will be speaking alongside a range of music industry leaders including Fred Pessaro (Editor in Chief of Noisey/Vice) and Nick Findlay (Triple J). It all takes place on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of November – Tickets are available now through the link below.

WA Music Conference

Update 22/11/2015:

Photos from the conference – courtesy of Rachael Barrett

Coel Healy - WAM Panel Coel Healy - WAM Panel


Modern Living, a new segment I’m presenting for RTRFM’s Out to Lunch program began today. It’s a half hour segment where I delve into reissued records and compilations. Additionally, my new monthly podcast series ‘Unlabelled’ starts on the first of next month (October) and will be aired regularly as part of The Mag. You can re-stream Modern Living at the link below:

Tuesday 29/09/2015 – RTRFM OTL Restream

Camp Doogs launches 2015 website and branding

Today we officially launched the 2015 iteration of the Camp Doogs branding and subsequent website. It marks the end of a significant collaborative project between Good Times Arts members Ben Konto (Graphic Design), Loren Kronomeyer (Art Direction), Matt Aitken (Copy) and myself (Creative Direction, Web Design); as well as local Perth artist, Sally Bower, who was responsible for creating the felt graphics. Check out the Camp Doogs 2015 website here.

Camp Doogs 2015


Nick Allbrook & Kirin J Callinan

As part of The Bakery’s final curtain programme, Good Times Arts presented one mammoth event to see in the launch of the Camp Doogs 2015 campaign. We teamed up with Acres Agency to present high profile local, Nick Allbrook (Pond, Tame Impala) and the ever groundbreaking Kirin J Callinan, who’s solo live show was truly inspiring.

(Photos curtesy of Toby Price and Amber Bateup)

Kirin J Callinan

Kirin J Callinan

Ariel Pink & The Clean

January was the start of a big year for Good Times Arts Inc. We had the opportunity to co-present Ariel Pink (USA) at The Bakery and The Clean (NZ) at the Rosemount. These were just the first of a number of shows we’ll be presenting this year, in the lead up to the third edition of Camp Doogs. In May we’ll be presenting Kirin J Callinan alongside a great list of locals including Nick Allbrook, as part of The Bakery’s farewell series. This show will also mark the launch of the Camp Doogs 2015 campaign which I’m very excited to get started on.


Check out the great review from Xpress Magazine

Camp Doogs 2014

This month myself and a team of like-minded individuals presented the sophomore edition of WAMi nominated event Camp Doogs. The camp first came into existence in 2013 as a response to the lack of alternative camping festivals in our state that cater to the needs of a wide variety of musicians. It was a big task, but somehow we managed to pull it off. In 2014 we got a little bit more ambitious and expanded the festival to cater to six hundred punters and crew. The event provides a platform for a wide variety of local acts and touring bands that would otherwise struggle to find opportunities to play to large crowds. //

Photos by Julian Frichot, Pippa Wolfe & Zandra Eller

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